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Airport Business Park is a 22,500 sq. m. logistical, industrial and commercial centre alongside Vilnius International Airport. Development of the project began in 2006 with construction of a distribution centre and terminal for DHL Lithuania. An Avon distribution centre was completed at the site in 2009. Both were constructed on a build-to-suit basis, tailored to the client's specific needs. The project's third stage was completed in 2013 with the construction of new industrial, commercial and office premises. Tenants include Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, VBH-TBM, Norfa and others.


Airport Business Park's advantages:

-       Proximity to the city centre, but without heavy traffic

-       Easy access to the Vaidotai railway freight station and highways to Kaunas, Warsaw, Minsk and Grodno

-       Just 300 m to the airport entrance

-       Only 3.5 km to the Vilnius Railway Station and 8 km to the Vaidotai freight station (Lithuania's largest)


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