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Technical characteristics





Technical characteristics

Storage facilities:

  • Usable height 8-10 m., height in manning area (under offices) 4,5 m.;
  • Loading gate with variable height bridged heavy a/m loading, the external ramp with additional gates minivan cargo;
  • 40 m. distance heavy auto maneuvering, 30 m. distance in front side minivan cargo and car parking;
  • 3 levels AGGS;
  • 9 t/sq.m. load floor (5 t for rack leg);
  • Autonomous double columns network, Sandwich type walls, fire resistance of 2 hours;
  • Column network 24x12 m.
Office premises:

  • 2 floors, 350 - 500 sq.m. each, over part of the warehouse premises;
  • Ventilation and air conditioning systems, access control, PC and phone networks;
  • Layout of the premises under the tenant`s needs;
Parking space:

  • Car parking number is 1,5 times higher than the regulated number.




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